Download InstallBuilder for Qt

You can download a fully-functional evaluation copy of BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ by clicking on the links below. Specifications and support information are also available for your reference. Please click here for installation instructions.

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 18 Multiplatform (Enterprise)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5ded5847d7e4ee49941990baf0e5d8a93 150M Download
Linux 64bits md53f1fd4f4547f7d92f994121bbc69c494 152M Download
OS X md5058d8f52a680dea8553713785cd85733 177M Download
Windows md51c8ad186dc5c9d7945ab7f0d28c6e818 148M Download
Aix md5032f4a57f3ed966e083e87ca644be33b 149M Download
Freebsd md5e987d609f97a7ba87c3f5561f3b769c4 148M Download
Freebsd4 md50f357a0574d982326ace7eec6f9199f2 149M Download
Freebsd6 md5d4d7aa5f99cf0d85a5ee59dcd149e729 149M Download
Freebsd664 md575ec06a51937e50425aae93d1d989c5c 149M Download
Freebsd7 md5056b73e14e65982b1add54c342f70451 149M Download
Freebsd764 md5eb00575fcb6999803e6e2312b95c8628 149M Download
Hpux md5649363473ab6b07d761d50163f194376 150M Download
Irix-n32 md5542bcfa813b4199495d6ef51220e5a92 149M Download
Linux-ia64 md5b175586508cfcb3770535a65c214faac 151M Download
Linux-ppc md53f26da75c5a63a2daaca4624f91f50d7 150M Download
Linux-s390 md51048e0f3ab92fc2106afe696e2dd5018 150M Download
Openbsd3 md5e9fbfcceed8587bb597f74d1dc58f9bd 149M Download
Solaris-intel md501b6b34993d08edd7363f060cb563cfc 149M Download
Solaris-sparc md569d79968a0243ff20781e238110fe1ff 152M Download
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BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 18 Multiplatform (Professional)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5027a133efcdbab188d57cb02e04f868c 106M Download
Linux 64bits md515eaefdc48f32d7e09b41011dd8dde4a 114M Download
OS X md530b9b55ce7a8f7c9d272dbcc865d6ae6 147M Download
Windows md56f194679c5f74738cdad15cc779532e3 115M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 18 For Windows

Allows you to create Windows installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Windows md58998e25ee50bfa23d3c2b6b008070087 54M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 18 For OS X

Allows you to create Mac OS X installers that work in both PPC and Intel architectures.

Platform Checksum Size
OS X md5959231ac2b64f07d01ad40f829a1f59d 114M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 18 For Linux

Allows you to create Linux x86 and Linux x64 installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md52db630272cd0d689c52c226b4f71d7b4 69M Download
Linux 64bits md5568a4a01b0e3afe018309bdee37bcd41 70M Download