Download Installbuilder for Qt

You can download a fully-functional evaluation copy of BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ by clicking on the links below. Specifications and support information are also available for your reference. Please click here for installation instructions.

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 17 Multiplatform (Enterprise)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md50d9f14072b88e2ee5a08b52452e023be 129M Download
Linux 64bits md5de39512c52aaf6dc5012fb7853d275d1 132M Download
OS X md5b0fc6acefebd983ee0be4cc9d145b9b3 149M Download
Windows md5db09b1ede42462656b98feeedc98dd70 134M Download
Aix md5d35dd08f952c78eb6c144fdeda5af10c 137M Download
Freebsd md5feda186da50b5aaa047f4d2cdcaee751 136M Download
Freebsd4 md51017f744e570996c95aa8541f2a9cf38 137M Download
Freebsd6 md527306ef008adb64971d526860a8e44fe 136M Download
Freebsd664 md51a37e13ae4bc24f931e7bedae5eaad6e 136M Download
Freebsd7 md55d3bc159f59215ded813a8955af7b3e1 136M Download
Freebsd764 md56e5988c19666e5519468f29322db9dbd 136M Download
Hpux md544175fb690fa47f810aa2fc6e27e9000 137M Download
Irix-n32 md5818c5033fd11abe579c947dd0351fba3 136M Download
Linux-ia64 md54069b8408a77ae0dc5a36233c6441007 139M Download
Linux-ppc md5d8f296c46f196bab6a47510009e1931f 137M Download
Linux-s390 md58a1605ca9382d14887e8ac94748b318c 138M Download
Openbsd3 md53594f6e305f3995bbf66f7e97fa2742a 136M Download
Solaris-intel md5c0a102dd67dff091acfe40aacead1352 136M Download
Solaris-sparc md599fe977e753875d640fa76c432a559e8 139M Download
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BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 17 Multiplatform (Professional)

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md5fd7887488d3e4453941eb8ec0e0c3a65 102M Download
Linux 64bits md5be76eda022b6259f98e2a18ea2b6cad2 104M Download
OS X md5d9bc8c3450bc06c9977c97aed8bbad04 121M Download
Windows md50a83fe52cffa46331f071b90ad161cd3 104M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 17 For Windows

Allows you to create Windows installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Windows md589aa7fecd5fd222f311dbffe3ac9d1d7 55M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 17 For OS X

Allows you to create Mac OS X installers that work in both PPC and Intel architectures.

Platform Checksum Size
OS X md5478419ea7e35dbbdece78fca36b64df9 87M Download

BitRock™ InstallBuilder™ 17 For Linux

Allows you to create Linux x86 and Linux x64 installers.

Platform Checksum Size
Linux md54d343340dc0ed2d071ae532656fddc9e 56M Download
Linux 64bits md5ca640f332930593a8a801beea62a4bbb 60M Download